The Siena series offers:

Graceful fully upholstered transitional curved arm design | Perfect for demanding environments 400 lb. and 500 lb. capacity models | Available with wood or brushed steel legs

Single Chairs

small_0012_Siena Single Guest.jpg

Guest Chair

small_0003_Siena Single Casters Guest.jpg

Guest with Casters

small_0004_Siena Single Tablet Guest.jpg

Guest with Tablet

small_0011_Siena Single Casters Tablet Guest.jpg

Guest with Casters & Tablet

small_0008_Siena Single Armless Guest.jpg

Armless Guest

small_0000_Siena Armless Casters Guest.jpg

Armless Guest with Casters

small_0006_Siena Single Oversize Guest.jpg

Oversize Guest Chair

small_0001_Siena Single Caster Oversize Guest.jpg

Oversize Guest with Casters

small_0002_Siena Single Talbet Oversize Guest.jpg

Oversize Guest with Tablet

small_0009_Siena Single Casters Taablet Oversize Guest.jpg

Oversize Guest with Casters & Tablet

small_0010_Siena Single Armless oversize Guest.jpg

Armless Oversize

small_0005_Siena Single Armless Caster Oversize Guest .jpg

Armless Oversize with Casters


medium_0008_Siena Loveseat.jpg


medium_0007_Siena Armless Loveseat.jpg

Armless Loveseat

medium_0010_Siena Sofa 2 Seater.jpg

2 Seat Sofa

medium_0002_Siena Sofa 2 Seater Armless.jpg

2 Seat Armless Sofa


2 Seats with Center Arm

medium_0009_Siena Sofa 3 Seater.jpg

3 Seat Sofa

medium_0001_Siena Sofa 3 Seater Armless.jpg

3 Seat Armless Sofa

medium_0003_Siena Sofa 3 Seater Arms.jpg

3 Seats with Center Arms

large_0001_Siena Sofa 4 Seater.jpg

4 Seat Sofa

large_0002_Siena Sofa 4 Seater Armless.jpg

4 Seat Armless Sofa

large_0004_Siena Sofa 4 Seater Center Arms.jpg

4 Seats with Center Arms

large_0005_Siena Sofa 5 Seater.jpg

5 Seat Sofa

large_0003_Siena Sofa  5 Seater Armless.jpg

5 Seat Armless Sofa

large_0000_Siena Sofa 5 Seater Center Arms.jpg

5 Seats with Center Arms


small_0007_Siena 1 Seat Bench.jpg

1 Seat Bench


Loveseat Bench


2 Seat Bench


3 Seat Bench

Occasional Tables

small_0001_Siena End Table.jpg

End Table

medium_0000_Siena Coffee Table.jpg

Coffee Table

medium_0001_Siena Sofa Table.jpg

Sofa Table

Options & Accessories


Solid Wood Leg


Brushed Steel Leg


Chair Power Unit



small_SN Handle.jpg

Back Cushion Handle


Stainless Steel Table Leg

small_0001_Siena End Table.jpg

Solid Wood Table Leg