The Madison Series offers:

Contoured traditional rolled arm design | Plush layered foam seat
Solid hardwood construction including table tops

Single Chairs

small_0000s_0003_Madison Guest Chair.jpg

Guest Chair

small_0000s_0004_Madison Guest Chair with Casters.jpg

Guest with Casters

small_0000s_0002_Madison Armless Guest.jpg

Armless Guest


medium_0000s_0001_Madison 2 Seat Sofa.jpg

2 Seat Sofa

medium_0000s_0002_Madison 2 Seats with Center Arms.jpg

2 Seats with Center Arm

medium_0000s_0003_Madison 2 Chairs with Connecting Center Table.jpg

Guest Chairs with Connecting Center Table

medium_0000s_0004_Madison 2 Chairs with Connecting Corner Table.jpg

Guest Chairs with Connecting Corner table

medium_0000s_0005_Madison 3 Seat Sofa.jpg

3 Seat Sofa

medium_0000s_0006_Madison 3 Seats with Center Arms.jpg

3 Seats with Center Arms

large_0000s_0000_Madison 4 Seat Sofa.jpg

4 Seat Sofa

large_0000s_0001_Madison 4 Seats with Center Arms.jpg

4 Seats with Center Arms

large_0000s_0003_Madison 5 Seat Sofa.jpg

5 Seat Sofa

large_0000s_0002_Madison 5 Seats with Center Arms.jpg

5 Seats with Center Arms

Occassional Tables

small_0000s_0001_Madison End Table.jpg

End Table

small_0000s_0000_Madison Corner Table.jpg

Corner Table

medium_0000s_0000_Madison Coffee Table.jpg

Coffee Table

Options & Accessories

small_Lenox Steel Ganging Brackets .jpg

Chair Ganging Brackets

small_0000s_0004_Madison Guest Chair with Casters.jpg